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We will look in some depth in the class at how to pastorally assess problems, how to pastorally diagnose those pathologies, and how to devise treatment plans, including on-going assessments. The following table illustrates the three phases of pastoral treatment and the concrete steps within each necessary phase. Michael A. A new congregation is planted by a larger church in metropolitan Seattle.

They give, work, worship, and witness to the surrounding area. The associate pastors of the Mother Church give pastoral leadership to the fledgling parish until a permanent pastor can be called and seated.

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After six months of worshipping as a new church with the associates sharing pastoral duties and the members expressing great excitement about their mission, the provisional oversight committee calls a pastor. The fit seems perfect. He arrives with a background in student ministries and has served as an associate on a mid-size congregation of in the Santa Barbara area. He is married with three children, from five to fifteen years of age. Nevertheless, there is excitement in the young mission congregation.

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Others decide to remain with the new millennial church. The outreach of this new mission church consists of concerts, small groups, and Bible studies. Yet, the majority of the members do not reflect the younger urban intellectuals and professionals.

They are, for the most part, suburban Christians, who have moved churches out of a desire to be part of something new. By year two, the pastor, without any prior indication of dissatisfaction, announces his departure to become an associate pastor of discipleship at a large church in Portland. The young mission congregation continues. A new pastor is called.

He is less entrepreneurial, but, with his family from the area, more connected, and more likely to remain for a longer period necessary to build trust with the community. Yet, the community, in large part, seems to ignore the presence of the new church, even as new members join from other suburban churches continue, now in a somewhat slower rate. Some relationship troubles emerge between the new church, after four years a self-governing congregation, and the surrounding sister parish churches.

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Making a religious diagnosis: The use of religious assessment in pastoral care and counseling. Authors Authors and affiliations H. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Malony, H. Assessing religious maturity. Stern Psychotherapy and the Religiously Committed Patient.

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New York: Hayworth Press, pp. Google Scholar. The clinical assessment of optimal religious functioning. Review of Religious Research, 30 1 , pp. How counselors can help people become more spiritual through religious assessment. The place of religious diagnosis in evaluations of mental health.

Schumacher Editor Religion and Mental Health.

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