e-book Proceedings of The International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 (ICM 2010): Vol. IV

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Books 1. Co-authored with Amber Habib and Shobha Bagai.

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Co-authored with Nikita Agarwal and Riddhi Shah 3. On irreducibility of induced modules and an adaptation of the Mackey-Wigner method of little groups, J. Korean Math. On finite groups whose every proper normal subgroup is a union of a given number of conjugacy classes, Proceedings Indian Academy of Sciences Math. Coauthored with Ali Reza Ashrafi. Enumeration of finite soluble groups with abelian Sylow subgroups, Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, Oxford 2 , 48 , February 2.

Ramanujan and K. Other Articles Related to higher education. Is mathematical thinking the new approach to teach Math, Education Times, 04 August Revitalising Undergraduate Education, Seminar, , January , Book Reviews 1. Groups and Symmetry: A guide to discovering mathematics by David W. Member, Committee for giving suggestions towards performing various activities under Bhaskaracharya II study chair sanctioned to Akkamahadevi Women's University by Govt. Awarded sponsorship for two years by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt.

Elected to an open scholarship by the Governing Body of St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford Satellite event before ICM International: 1. National: 1. Of India and Texas Instruments sponsored the conference. October 3. May 4. December 5. Invited to Royal Holloway, University of London for three weeks in March-April to collaborate on a research monograph in Group theory. Invited panelist for a panel discussion on Women in Mathematics, international Conference on 20th Century Mathematics to commemorate the birth anniversary of Andre Weil, Delhi.

Organized in by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation, Delhi. National A selection from onwards : 1. Ramanujan: A math-o-biography, inaugural lecture delivered as part of Symposium , a state level workshop on Number Theory and Cryptography at St.

The lecture was titled relations, functions and Symmetry. March February Combinatorics of the zeta map on rational Dyck paths. Cluster algebras of type D: pseudotriangulations approach. Henning, M. Ansorg, and C.

Proceedings of The International Congress of Mathematicians 2010 (ICM 2010): Vol. IV

Classical and Quantum Gravity , 25 16 , Hennig, C. Cederbaum , and M. A universal inequality for axisymmetric and stationary black holes with surrounding matter in the Einstein-Maxwell theory. Communications in Mathematical Physics , , Ansorg, J. Hennig, and C.

Universal properties of distorted Kerr-Newman black holes. General Relativity and Gravitation , , Chen and J. Lorentzian Coxeter systems and Boyd-Maxwell ball packings. Chiarini and M. Advances in Applied Probability , 46 4 , Chiarini and J. Local central limit theorem for diffusions in a degenerate and unbounded random medium.

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Electronic Journal of Probability , 20 , Chiarini , A. Cipriani, and R. A note on the extremal process of the supercritical Gaussian Free Field. Electronic Journal of Probability , 20 74 , Chubelaschwili and U. Elastic strips. Manuscripta Mathematica , 3 , Clemens , J.

Person, and T. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics , 22 1 Paper P1. Clemens , A. Ferber, R.

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  • Glebov , and A. Building spanning trees quickly in Maker-Breaker games. Condette , C.

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    Melcher, and E. Spectral approximation of pattern-forming nonlinear evolution equations with double-well potentials of quadratic growth. Mathematics of Computation , 80 , Bridges of Markow counting processes: quantitative estimates. Electronic Communications in Probability , 21 19 , Conforti , S. De Marco, and J. On small-noise equations with degenerate limiting system arising from volatility models. Friz et al. Large Deviations and Asymptomatic Methods in Finance.

    Conforti , P. Dai Pra, and S. Reciprocal class of jump processes. Journal of Theoretical Probability , Conforti , C. Murr, and S. Bridges of Markow counting processes. Reciprocal classes of duality formulas. Electronic Communications in Probability , 20 18 , Cseh , J.

    Matuschke , and M. Stable flows over time. Algorithms , , Cseh and M. Paths to stable allocations. Lavi, Ed. Cseh , M. Manlove, and J. Many-to-one matchings with lower quotas: algorithms and complexity. Elbassioni and K. Makino, Eds. Cseh and B. Improved algorithmic results for unsplittable stable allocation problems. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization , Cseh , C.

    Huang, and T. Popular matchings with two-sided preferences and one-sided ties. Automata, Languages, and Programming. Part I. Cseh and D. Stable marriage and roommates problems with restricted edges: complexity and approximability.

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    Hoefer, Ed. Algorithmic Game Theory. Cseh and T. Popular edges and dominant matchings. Louveaux and M. Skutella, Eds. Curran , P.