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Everything from playing chess to making love is improved with skill. Pleasure cannot be directly sought--it is the side-product of activity. It is only an element of happiness. The good person, the one who has attained eudaemonia , is the standard as to what is truly pleasant or unpleasant. Friendship : a person's relationship to a friend is the same as the relation to oneself.

The friend can be thought of as a second self.

In friendship a person loves himself egoism not as one seeks money for himself, but as he gives his money away to receive honor. The Good--endures as long as both retain their character.

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The Contemplative Faculty --the exercise of perfect happiness in intellectual or philosophic activity. Reason is the highest faculty of human beings. We can engage in it longer than other activities. Philosophy is loved as an end-in-itself, and so eudaemonia implies leisure and self-sufficiency as an environment for contemplation. Send corrections or suggestions to webmaster philosophy. Site Map. Aristotle distinguishes between happiness eudaemonia and moral virtue:.

For example, consider the following traits:. The kinds of friendship:. Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. The Aristotelian Ethics: A study of the relationship between the Eudemian and Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle Anthony Kenny Abstract This book is an attempt to solve a long-standing problem of Aristotelian scholarship on the basis of historical and philosophical arguments and a statistical study of features of style.

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Aristotelian ethics

Survey of the structure of ancient ethical theories, organized into four main themes: the nature of the virtues, the appeal to nature, the nature of the good life, and the possibility of ethical change. Within each section, numerous chapters are devoted to the discussion of the relevant Aristotelian texts. Hughes, G. London: Routledge. Individual chapters include study questions for students e. Irwin, T.

The development of ethics: A historical and critical study. Oxford: Oxford Univ. First volume in a three-volume history of ethics by a preeminent Aristotle scholar.

  1. A Work in Progress;
  2. A Grammar of Kam Revealed in Its Narrative Discourse.
  3. 2. The Human Good and the Function Argument.
  4. New Psychotherapy for Men: A Case Study Approach!
  5. Self-Love and Self-Sufficiency in the Aristotelian Ethics.
  6. Practical Philosophy.

Kraut, R. In The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

What's Aristotelian about neo‚ÄźAristotelian Virtue Ethics?

Edited by E. Clear and concise overview of the major themes by a major Aristotle scholar; includes glossary and bibliography. Meyer, S. Ancient ethics: A critical introduction. London and New York: Routledge. Excellent introduction to ancient ethical theory generally, with a philosophically rich chapter devoted to Aristotle.