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The Treasure of Montségur: A Novel of the Cathars

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Event Coordinator. Film Executive. Anonymous Jul. This book sounds great!

Cathar, Montségur

I'll have to add it to my TBR list! The title of this book Treasure of Montsegur is also the title in Portugese of another book by a different author published several years ago before Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. One of the first historical fiction accounts of the Cathars, Nita Hughes' book in English is called "Past Recall" and was followed by a second book in her series called "The Cathar Legacy". I've read pretty much everything written in English about the Cathars, and I believe most readers will find Nita's first book one of the most captivating and historically accurate within the confines of fiction.

Taking place across two time periods years apart, the story weaves magically between two women who have a connection to the enlightened beliefs of the Cathars which are presented with a passionate exploration of how such ideas might play out in today's society as well as the darker ages of a medieval past.

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An excerpt from the book and an audio interview with the author is available on her website at www. She is also offering a workshop this fall in France details on the website. Link Reply Parent Thread. I gave you an award at my person blog. This topics sounds really interesting, and well-written historical fiction is always a good thing! I found your blog on the LibraryThing blogring, and I just wanted to say hi.

This review really caught my eye; I've been interested in reading something more about this time period, and this sounds like a great choice. Thanks for adding to my TBR pile! I've never read a work of medieval fiction but this one sounds amazing.

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Thank you once again for another interesting selection. This sounds very interesting. I like that she has the commentary at the beginning.

I, too like to know what is going on, it helps my enjoyment of the story. Anonymous Aug. This is one book that absolutely appeals to me. The review really made me want to read it. I learned a little about the Cathars in high school and was very excited when my friend lent me a novel about an archaeological dig dealing with Cathar artifacts, called Labyrinth.

Too bad it read like it was written by a romance novelist trying to reform. This sounds much more readable. I enjoy historical fiction, the bits of history when well researched adds the touch of realism that is sometimes lacking when an author tries to place a story in a different time but does not incorporate the historically accurate details. Have you read any of Arturo Perez-Reverte's books? You may enjoy them. So yet again you have put a book on my to be read list. Sweet, I found one of his books on Bookmooch.

It's 'Captain Alatriste' - have you read this one? I believe that was one of the first I read. Was turned on to his books when I learned Viggo Mortensen was going to play the role of Captain Alatriste in the movie version of the book.

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But I won't complain about that to much as with the exception of one book which I struggled with, I have totally enjoyed reading ever Reverte-Perez book I have gotten. They're beautiful :. I'm interested in that particular period, anyway, so that one will have to go on my really rather groaningly large list! I adore a well-written preface.